An interoperability partnership with Bedford hospital for cross-border collaboration

The last 2 years have seen the most extraordinary time in the history of the NHS, individuals across the board are coming together to share experiences and learn valuable lessons. From frontline clinicians to the IT teams tasked with supporting new service delivery models, many of the innovative changes delivered under huge pressure have rapidly become business as usual.

Bedfordshire NHS Foundation Trust used ReStart’s interoperability record IMX-IR during the Covid-19 pandemic to gain immediate and secure access to patient information from any location.

However, that is just the tip of the partnership iceberg. In this case study discover;

  • How Bedford increased speed and resilience with ReStart’s IMX solutions
  • How over 40 systems (including radiology, pathology and cardiology) are now interoperable
  • How IMX Interoperability Record is used to overcome the challenge of a lack of access to data
  • How IMX futureproofs interoperability and collaborative data sharing
  • How improving the clinician experience, improves patient care

Download the case study to learn how ReStart’s IMX partnership could help your organisation build integrated care.


Looking ahead, we can consider opening up IMX-IR to GPs, to people at home and other trusts. We have a good platform to support further data sharing in the future.

Dean Pates, IT Systems Integration Manager, Bedford Hospital